Tommy Kaelin

Tommy Kaelin released the album Dreams on November 11, 2022.

Tommy is a drummer and songwriter/singer best known for being in the band The Hatters. They were signed to Atlantic Records in the 90’s, put out three albums, toured extensively and had a couple of songs on regular radio play throughout the US.

He also played in Vince Welnick’s solo project. In the mid 90’s he began playing with bass player Greg Koerner in Gent Treadly. With Gent Treadly he went on to back up Vince Welnick of The Grateful Dead, The Tubes and Todd Rundgrun for four years until his death in 2006. Gent Treadly has also done tours and shows backing up Tom Constantine of The Grateful Dead, Buddy Cage of The New Riders… and Bob Dylan’s band, Charles Neville of The Neville Brothers, Garth Hudson of The Band, Mike Stern, Henry Butler and many others. Tommy and Greg have been playing music together for 30+ years.

In the mid 90’s he also joined The Michael Parrish Band (Geographic Records) which led to his playing subsequently with Michael Parrish in the band Folkfoot and currently in the bands The West Side All Stars and Michael Parrish and The Parishioners.

Dreamspeak was the band that started it out for Tommy. He played with them from 1985-1989 in the burgeoning NYC jam band scene that also included Jono Manson, The Worms, Blues Traveler and The Spin Doctors among others.

Gravity, Famous Unknown, Kenny Gwyn, Nick Swan and The Lost Highwaymen, Jerry Jemmott and Coyote Love are some other bands and musicians that he’s played with also. These days along with Michael Parrish he also plays with the The Rusty String Band, Northbound Sound, Cats Under The Stars, Ride and occasionally still with Gent Treadly.

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